Speech Class #2- Favorite Snack

Note from Mommy: One of the things that I wish I excelled at was public speaking. Since it’s such a valuable skill to have, we signed up K for an after school Public Speaking program. 

Each week, K is tasked to write a speech and deliver it to her class. I thought it would be fun to write them down (spelling mistakes and all) for everyone to enjoy.

Topic: Describe their favorite snack or meal so they can write a mini “how-to” and share with everyone their recipes

Tropicol ice cream boat

First, we gather the ingrideents: banana, strawberrys, oreo, gummy bears, and ice cream. Nexxt, we take a scoope of ice cream and then put it on a paper plate. Last, we decarate the ice cream and put on the gummy bears. Finally, we get to eat it!

this is why this dasort has the word Tropicol: because a banana is a Tropicol Fruit. This why this dasort has the word boat: because the gummy bears sit on the ice cream. The ice cream is the boat.

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