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First Day of School Pics


Each year, my parents take a picture of me on the first day of school. They also ask me what I want to be when I grow up. Scroll down to see how I have grown.

The Globetrotters


Today we went to see the Globetrotters with my girl scout troop. I saw all the players and my favorite player is the one and only girl on the team, Ti-N-Ti. There were a lot of funny parts. One funny part was the dancing players. I really think you should see them because they will┬ámake […]

My Second Tooth

I finally lost my second tooth at Camp Galileo. We were at art class when it happened. My tooth was bleeding and I got a tissue and somehow my tooth fell out. I told my leader about my tooth. We went to the office to get a zip lock bag to put my tooth in […]

Father Daughter Dance


Today I’m so exited because Dad and I are going to my daisy troop Father daughter dance. I’ll tell you what hapened. It all start when we were at dinner. I ate mac n cheese. Then we danced. They are named: Maddie, Zoe, Sarah, and me. After dinner, I went to where we dance. I […]