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Love Pinky Never Forget- Short Story


Not too long ago, Pinky had just arrived at Pencilvania, a famous state. She was so ecxited, she could hardly speak! She couldn’t wait to see the pencil statue of Pencilvania and to drink the famous formula of juice! The juice had all her favarite foods: cherry, melon, strawberry and banana. “Yum!” she thought. Thinking […]

Queen Fashion is a girl!

Queen Fashion always wears a dress. She has a throne made of ruby, diamonds, and gold. She is very fancy. She always wears earrings with her fabulous dresses. Everyone in her city adores her. Have you seen her? She is 100% pretty and beautiful. Someday, you should see her! Comment if you’ve seen her,tell me! […]

Flower Magic: Short Story


Once a girl named Tia was picking flowers. Then she saw a blue and pink flower. But she didn’t know it was a magic flower. Tia touched the magic flower. As she watched, the flower began to open. Inside, a fairy flew out and waved her wand. Tia turned into a fairy! Then they flew […]