Saving Water- Opinion Piece

Kids can save water in many ways.

One way kids can save water is by using water from the faucet less when washing hands. You should first wet our hands, then turn off the faucet, and then rinse the soap off. “Turn off the water and make sure it is off completely.”

I also think that you should also use less water when you brush your teeth. “Turn on the faucet to get our toothbrush and toothpaste wet .” You shouldn’t  leave the faucet on when you are brushing.

You should take short showers instead of baths. Baths use 37 gallons of water on average. “ Take short showers and use only about 20 gallons of water, instead.”

Finally, you can put barrels outdoors to collect water. You can put a barrels outside for catching rain. “You can use that water for  things like watering plants or flushing toilets.”

In conclusion, kids can save water just like adults can.

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