Love Pinky Never Forget- Short Story


Not too long ago, Pinky had just arrived at Pencilvania, a famous state. She was so ecxited, she could hardly speak! She couldn’t wait to see the pencil statue of Pencilvania and to drink the famous formula of juice! The juice had all her favarite foods: cherry, melon, strawberry and banana. “Yum!” she thought. Thinking about the formula of the juice made her very hungry. But first she had to drop off her luggage at her friend Trixie’s house. She asked Trixie, “Is there a food house near your house?” Trixie answered, “Yes, there is a good food house across the street.” So Pinky went to the food house, called “Best Food Ever!” and ate a taco with lettuce, tomatos, cheese and avacado. When she was going back to her table with green tea, another Pencil, the most handsome pencil in the world, (Well, in Pinky’s opinion he is) bumped into Pinky’s empty cup, he said softly, “Sorry!” That’s when their eyes met. The handsome pencil asked, “Can you date with me?” Pinky replied “Yes!”” There is a game of Tennis we could watch.” The handsome pencil said. “By the way, my name is Bluey.” He added. “OK.” Pinky answered ecxitedly. Even if she was only 20, that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a crush!

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